While WordPress has a built-in table editor, sometimes a more robust solution is needed. In cases like that, Ninja Tables Pro can be activated on your website. Ninja Tables is ideal for large tables that require a more stylized UI — one that includes searchable fields, sorting and built-in pagination. Ninja Tables can also be synced with Google Sheets so tabular data can stay up-to-date.

If you’d like this plugin enabled on your website, use our  Web Request Form.

Documentation for Ninja Tables is available as soon as the plugin is activated on your website:

Getting Started

Create your first table by importing a CSV file, or clicking the Create Your First Table option. Create Your First Table will open a dialog box that will give you several starting points, including Default, Drag & Drop, Import a Table, WP Posts and the ability to Connect Google Sheets.

Whatever method you choose, when you finish creating your table, a shortcode will be provided that can be added to a webpage.


In the example below, WP Posts was selected as the table type, creating a quick table of all the posts on this website.

Post TitleLast Modified
WP 2.10.3 Deployment – Introducing our new Staff List Block2024-07-11Christina Reeser
New Features: Vertical Videos, Full-Width Blog Posts & More!2024-07-09Lisa Perriello
WP 2.10.1 Deployment2024-06-13Christina Reeser
WordPress admin outage and database rollback2024-06-07Lisa Perriello
WP 2.10.0 Deployment2024-06-13Christina Reeser
WP 2.9.5 Deployment2024-03-07Christina Reeser
WP 2.9.4 Deployment2024-02-22Mark Anderson
New Features: QR Code Generator & Image Expand on Click2024-06-26Lisa Perriello
WP 2.9.3 Deployment2024-02-08Mark Anderson
WP Deployment 2.9.22024-01-25Lisa Perriello
WP Deployment 2.9.02024-01-12Christina Reeser
New UA WordPress updates!2023-12-07Lisa Perriello
WP Deployment 2.8.182023-12-07Christina Reeser
WP Deployment 2.8.162023-11-16Christina Reeser
WP Deployment 2.8.152023-11-16Christina Reeser
WP Deployment 2.8.132023-10-19Christina Reeser
WP Deployment 2.8.92023-10-05Christina Reeser
New WordPress blocks just released!2023-09-22Lisa Perriello
WP Deployment 2.8.82023-09-21Christina Reeser
Please check your accordions2023-09-15Lisa Perriello
New Announcement Banner and Dashboard Alerts!2023-09-07Lisa Perriello
WP Deployment 2.8.72023-09-07Christina Reeser
WP Deployment 2.8.42023-09-07Christina Reeser
WP Deployment 2.8.32023-09-07Christina Reeser
Twitter feed issues2023-07-12Lisa Perriello
PPRD will refresh on Tuesday, May 23rd2023-05-24Lisa Perriello
Pre-Production Refresh2023-05-04Lisa Perriello
WordPress Outage Update2023-02-22Lisa Perriello
Intermittent WordPress Outage2023-02-21Lisa Perriello
WordPress Outage Update2023-02-21William Alexander
WordPress Outage2023-02-21William Alexander
WordPress Media Gallery Issue Resolved2022-10-20Lisa Perriello
WordPress Media Gallery Issue2022-10-28Lisa Perriello
New Blog Options Added2023-08-08Lisa Perriello
WordPress Outage2022-10-19Lisa Perriello
URL redirect method has changed2022-10-18Lisa Perriello
University Events (Localist) fixed2021-12-21Josh Bryant
University Events (Localist) turned off2021-12-17Josh Bryant

Google Sheets Integration

For help in setting up Google Sheet Integration, please refer to this guide.

Important: If you are creating a google sheet to add to your website, please make sure the google sheet originates from your departments google drive account, and not your personal google drive. This will others on your team to access the google sheet if necessary.

Where to go for more help

Ninja Tables has extensive documentation on their website that includes demos and guides. There’s also a YouTube channel with tips and tricks.