Start a Blog

Setting up a new Blog is easy in this theme, and there are several custom options. You’ll need to begin by writing a few new Posts to pull in, and creating a new Page to use as your main blog listing page.

Your new page will need to use the Template “Custom Blog Archive” from the dropdown under Page Attributes in the right sidebar of the page builder. This will automatically pull in all posts that you have created. You won’t need to add any other content to this page, but there are more Blog Options available to you.

blog page template

Once your setup is complete, you’ll need to click Publish in the right WordPress menu. If you are making a change to already published content, then click Update in the right WordPress menu and your changes will appear live on the page.

If you would like to customize the layout, categories or other options of your blog page a Latest Posts block can be used in place of the page template and blog options.