Gravity Forms is a plugin that allows you to quickly build a new form for your site. You can edit your form, configure your options and embed forms on your site using the built-in tools. You can also easily export your data into a CSV file.

According to the Wake Forest University Standard on Electronic Non-Public Information, you may not use forms to collect, and store, the following types of information:
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Driver’s License Numbers
  • Bank Account Information
  • Government-Issued Identification Numbers
  • Credit or Debit Card Numbers and Account Information
  • Passport/Alien Registration
  • PINS/Passwords
  • Personal Health Information
  • Employee Salary, Benefits, Disciplinary and Information
  • Education Records
  • Admissions Records
  • Digital Signatures
  • Donor Records
  • Biometric Data including fingerprints
  • Research Records covered by Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Any other numbers or information that can be used to access a person’s personal financial resources.

Also, if your form collects any files from users then those files are also protected. Members of your team that need access to these files need to be WordPress Editors or above and logged in in order to download them.