Media Library

Media Library

You can use the following media types on your site:

  1. .jpg/.jpeg
  2. .gif
  3. .png
  4. .pdf
  5. .mp3
  6. .mp4 (we don’t offer streaming so your video may not play well, a YouTube block is recommended)
  7. .doc/.docx
  8. .xls/.xlsx
  9. .ppt/.pptx

When adding an image to a block, the Media Library popup will give you two tab options. You can choose between Upload Files to add a new file, or Media Library to choose an image that has already been uploaded to your website.

If you’d like to upload a new file, choose the Upload Files tab and you’ll be able to drag and drop your image into the interface. You can also click the Select Files button to find the file on your computer.

Select Images

If the file you’d like to use already exists on your website, you can choose the Media Library tab and select your image.

select your image

Once you’ve uploaded or selected your file(s), click Insert into page. Deciding if your image needs Alt Text is discussed on our Accessibility page.

Adding multiple images to the Media Library

You can also add all of your files at once, directly to your Media Library, before you begin working on your page content. You’ll navigate to Media > Add New in the WordPress dashboard, then drag and drop all your images into the dotted area, or use the Select Files button to locate the files on your computer.

upload multiple images