This page is intended for users who are completely new to WordPress, if you are looking to get started on migrating your site into our theme check out our migration process.

Administrative Access

You can be given administrative access to edit your site by a member of CER or any current administrator of your website with these instructions. If you do not have a current administrator to give you access to your website, then request access from CER using our online form.

Username and Password

The username and password you use are the same as your official Wake Forest username and password (what you use to access WIN, etc.).

Access to the Network

For security reasons, you’ll need to be connected to the Wake Forest network to log into WordPress, the network can be accessed in several ways:

The software for connecting by VPN is part of the standard load on Wake Forest ThinkPads. Instructions for using it are available on the Information Systems site. If you need additional help, contact Information Systems at

Site URL and Login Link

The address of the administration area is simple: Take the URL of your site (such as or and add /wp-admin/ to the end. So the format would be:

This link will bring you to the WordPress login screen.

WordPress login

You will now be prompted to log in with your WFU Google account. Simply click “Login with Google” and enter your WFU email address and password there. If you are already logged in to your WFU Google account, you will not need to enter your username and password, simply click “Login with Google”. Then you will arrive at the Dashboard.

WordPress Toolbar

Once you have logged in, the helpful WordPress Toolbar will be at the top of every page, both on the front of the website and in the dashboard area. My Sites will list all sites that you have access to as a user. Next on the toolbar will be the “name of your site”, which will allow you to toggle between the front and back ends of your website. New is a quick link to add new pages and other content types, and Edit Page is a fast and easy way to make changes to your current page.

WordPress bar

WordPress Training

If you are new to WordPress or just the UA WordPress environment, sign up for our live training or watch our training videos.