Our deployments for the remainder of the year are going to focus largely on maintenance tasks, code improvements, and database health. We just finished an audit of the plugins in our WordPress installation, identifying dozens that are no longer in use or had duplicate functionality. In the last two deployments they’ve been removed.

We performed a site audit in the same time period, and found nearly 150 websites that are no longer needed. We’re in the process of setting up permanent redirects for those before removing them from the database. Our hope is to start 2024 with a smaller, cleaner, and more robust WordPress foundation.

That doesn’t mean this week’s deployment is totally without fun. We’re happy to announce the release of the Button Card Block . This block allows you to add a row of “cards” that each link to a URL of your choice. This is a stylish way to display your unit’s services, degree options, resources, and more! You can learn more about the Button Card Block in the WordPress Guide.

We’ve added an Alternate Contact Method field to the Staff List Block for individuals who don’t want to share their email or phone number on the website. We envision users using this field to link to a contact form or social media site if appropriate.

Several months ago we installed a WordPress plugin called FacetWP that allows for advanced search, filter and sort capabilities. You can see this plugin in action on the Alumni Career Advisors page.

Since we know this plugin could be useful in many applications, we’ve added documentation to the WordPress Guide. If you’d like to explore using FacetWP, send a Web Request. We can activate the plugin on your site and give you any additional help you might need in setting that up.

And lastly…

  • We fixed a bug in our Wake Alert System
  • We updated numerous plugins
  • We added print styles to our theme

As always, thank you for being a part of our WordPress community.

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