This block allows you to add one or more staff members to any page. You can build out staff member profiles and then use our block interface to pull them into any page you like.

Detailed instructions on adding blocks can be found here.

Block Settings

Add Staff Members By: This allows you to either add staff members by their Name or their Category.

Staff Categories/Names: A repeater that allows you to add one or more categories/names to your staff list block.

Adding a Staff Member

Before a staff member can be added to the block, it must first be added as a custom post type on the back-end of the website. You can find the Event custom post type on the left sidebar of the back-end of your site.

Simply click on “Staff” and then “Add New Staff Member

This will take you to the Staff Member Edit page.

Title: The name of the staff member that will appear in the selector.

Staff Category: Don’t forget to add your staff member to an existing category on the right-hand sidebar of the edit page (shown below in a red box). You can also create a new category by clicking on “Add New Category”. This allows you to group staff members by department or other criteria on the front-end.

Once everything has been added, click “Update” to save your staff member and add it to your block.


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