Most of our recent work has been focused on accessibility, improving code quality and maintenance, but we do have a few exciting new features that we’d like to share with you:

QR Code Generator: We’ve gotten requests for guidance around creating QR Codes for promoting University events and thought an easy WordPress integration would be a welcome upgrade. Now, on the backend of each of your WordPress pages and posts, you have the option to download a QR Code ready to share! Find out more details and QR Code best practices.

Image Expand on Click: A frequently requested feature is to expand small images into a “lightbox” when clicked. This functionality is problematic for accessibility so we haven’t been able to find a great solution. But in a recent update, it was added by WordPress and cleared by our accessibility team, so we’re happy to offer this new option! Find the new “Expand on click” toggle on all your images.

Download CSV from Media Gallery: Another recent addition is the ability to download a CSV file of all your site’s images. If you’d like to audit or otherwise catalog your media library outside of WordPress, this tool may come in handy. Just visit your site’s Media Gallery and you’ll find this button prompt at the top of the page.

All of these features and more are documented in our handy WordPress Guide, and as always, feel free to reach out using the Web Request Form if you have any questions.

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