Please check your accordions

Recently we made improvements to the Accordion block, focused on making the block more accessible for users with screen readers.  However, these changes necessitated giving all accordions unique identifiers. Previously, if you copied an accordion, it would retain the same identifier. As a result […]

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Twitter feed issues

As you may have heard, Twitter has been experiencing some instability and that instability has affected most of the world’s external integrations with Twitter. This includes our WordPress sites in relation to a third-party plugin that we use, SmashBalloon Social Feeds, which allows users […]

New Blog Options Added

We have added a new feature to our Gutenberg-based WordPress theme. If you have a blog on your website, you now can display or hide the blog post author, publish date and category on both the blog archive page and also set these […]

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URL redirect method has changed

Due to a vulnerability in the Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin, we will be changing the plugin we use to redirect posts and pages on your site. If you have redirects on your site, please keep reading for what you need to know. What will I […]

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