The accordion block is an easy way to visually sort a lot of content.

Note: Please review all documentation since there have been updates since this video was created

Detailed instructions on adding blocks can be foundĀ here.

Block Settings

Accordion Section Heading: This option can be found in the side bar on the right-hand side of the block. The section heading is required in order for the block to properly save.

Panel ID: If you’d like to create a permanent link directly to an accordion, add a Panel ID. The Panel ID should only contain letters and dashes.

Adding Content

To add any content to the accordion, click in the white space under the gray section header. You may add any block you want to the accordion content section.

Linking to Panels

To link to an accordion panel, simply copy the URL from the web address bar while the accordion is open.

Note: Changing the order of accordions or adding additional accordions may impact the link that is automatically generated. If you’d like to create a permanent link to an opened accordion, please first set the Panel ID.

NOTE: For accessibility reasons, we no longer support nested accordions. If you need to show and hide additional content with an accordion, please consider using the Details Block.  If you need help with unnesting your accordions fill our the Web Request Form.