The Who’s Coming Back shortcode makes it easy for event owners to add a “who’s coming back” list to any webpage. This was initially created for Homecoming but has been used for a number of other events.

The shortcode allows for pulling a list of attendees based on the registration form slug for your event.

The shortcode can be added to any page using the instructions for adding a shortcode found here in the guide.

Using the Who’s Coming Back shortcode

This shortcode uses the following format:

[wfu_blackbaud_attendees form="form_slug"]

To use it, replace “form_slug” with the slug of the registration form for your event. For example, if your registration form URL is

then the slug for your form is wake-women-s-weekend-2024-0010499

and your shortcode would look like this:

[wfu_blackbaud_attendees form="wake-women-s-weekend-2024-0010499"]


There is also an additional “year” value helpful for Homecoming class years:

[wfu_blackbaud_attendees_class form="homecoming" year="1962"]


If something doesn’t work it’s usually because somewhere along in your copy/pasting the quote marks turned into “curly” quotes instead of straight ones, you can just manually retype them in the shortcode block.